IndieBound is a free service for members of Booksellers NZ. Contact sarah [dot] forster [at] booksellers [dot] co [dot] nz to receive the password for the page. This will allow you to use the benefits below.

Indiebound membership entitles you to unlimited access to the DIY Marketing toolkit, containing thousands of dollars worth of advertising creative. You can print the materials that suit your store, whenever you need to. From banners to bookmarks and decals to T-shirts, the marketing toolkit is a one-stop shop for your store’s point of sale.

But it is ultimately the messages at the heart of Indiebound that matter: ‘Support your local bookstore’ and ‘cultivate your community.’ Indiebound is a consciousness raising movement about the value of shopping locally that begins in the local bookstore and spreads along the high street into the wider community.

Share the materials with like minded retailers. Together we can influence our customers! ‘Find it here, Buy it here, Keep us here.’ Viva the local bookstore!

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When you sign up to IndieBound you'll be given a username and password.

Use this to log in to the DIY site, which holds all the design files for posters, bookmarks, decals and more.


Download an unlimited number of print-quality files that you require for your store.

If you want to add your own logos to the design files, you can do that using GIMP, a free software programme that can be downloaded from the Internet.  More significant design changes will need to be done using a programme like Adobe Illustrator.


You have two options for printing. Working with a local printer lets you retain control over when you print and who supplies your printing. 

Booksellers NZ can organise your printing for a small fee. That's less administration for you but we only print multiple orders together, which means less control for you. megan [dot] dunn [at] booksellers [dot] co [dot] nz (subject: Having%20Booksellers%20NZ%20organise%20my%20IndieBound%20printing) (Talk to Megan) about this option.



IndieBound can only be used by members of Booksellers New Zealand. 
cherie [dot] arnott [at] booksellers [dot] co [dot] nz (subject: Tell%20me%20more%20about%20Booksellers%20NZ%20members%2Fusing%20IndieBound) (Learn more about becoming a member)